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     To assist school districts in finding and supporting exceptional leaders, developing quality strategic plans, and proactively utilizing data to improve educational opportunities for all students.



Our Beliefs

     Student success is dependent on school leaders focused on serving their districts.

     Successful districts and leaders proactively use data to make quality decisions.

     Staff, school boards, communities and most importantly - students - deserve school leaders who are responsive to their collective needs.

     Quality leaders have the best interests of the students at the heart of their leadership style, and strive for equal opportunities for all students, staff and community members.

     The effective use of data serves as the backbone of hiring quality leaders, developing quality strategic plans and addressing countless district matters with quality solutions.

     Continuous growth is a value-added benefit of mentoring and coaching quality leaders who earnestly desire to serve their districts at the highest levels.

     A quality evaluation instrument that incorporates professional standards and goals provides data-dependent accountability metrics for mutually beneficial feedback for the leader and supervisor(s).



Our Methods

     Educational Leadership Solutions (EdLS) mission is to support and assist school districts in finding and developing exceptional leaders. We believe that student success is dependent leaders focused on serving their districts. Each school district and community have their own unique characteristics. At EdLS, we match the leader to the school community. EdLS then provides executive coaching and mentoring to ensure the success of the chosen leader.

     We believe all staff, students, community members and school boards deserve a leader that is responsive to their needs. We also believe that successful leaders proactively use data to make decisions. The EdLS Search Process actively engages multiple stakeholders to determine the qualities needed in their future leader (e.g., board members, district staff members, students and community members). We then conduct extensive interviews and analyses of prospective candidates to determine the qualities of future district leader candidates. We then match the district’s expectations with the qualities of prospective leader candidates for the Board of Education to interview and ultimately select its future leader. Lastly, we can provide a confidential, comprehensive salary comparison analysis based on the most recently available salary data.

     EdLS senior executives have over 50 successful years of experience as school superintendents. In addition, these executives have served as mentors and coaches for hundreds of Illinois administrators; including principals, district office administrators, and superintendents. The senior executives have served as administrators for large unit school districts as well as large and small K-8 school districts in rural and urban communities. We believe in equal opportunity for all students and staff. We believe that educators must have the best interests of the students at the heart of their leadership style.

     School superintendents must be knowledgeable in many different aspects of school administration; these include school finance, human resources, school law, school curriculum, assessments, data-driven decision making, board-superintendent relations, school board policy, and political influence on public schools. ELS executives have the expertise to judge the ability of the superintendent candidate to meet the district’s desired hiring criteria.